Hire service. Higher standards.

We may have grown over the years but you’ll still find the same personal touch very much evident with the belief that each and every customer is potentially a customer for life.

Serviced by trained technicians, all of our equipment comes complete with Operating & Safety guides with every item tested prior to being hired and checked for safety and performance when it is returned. And still available at a moments notice.

You’ll appreciate it when you experience the difference.

Tick the boxes

  • Delivery across Scotland

  • Experience. The difference!

  • Open 7 days each week

What you need. Where you want it. When you want it!

Hire Desk

Paul Masterton

Our mantra is ‘going the extra mile’ in achieving customer satisfaction with quality in everything we do.

Phone us on 01698 28 20 42
or email hiredesk@frasertoolhire.co.uk

Hire Office

Christina, Lisa & Laura

Our Hire Office is the backbone of our operation, looking after the needs of all of our corporate and regular customer hire needs, on an hour by hour, day to day basis.

Talk to Christina, Lisa & Laura on 01698 28 20 42
or email hire@frasertoolhire.co.uk

Service Centre

John Norton

From ensuring equipment is expertly serviced and, crucially, reliable, to keeping track of your site assets and keeping schedules tight. We are always on hand to advise & support.

Phone us on 01698 28 20 42
or email workshop@frasertoolhire.co.uk


Stuart Beaglin

Every item in our 8000 tools and small plant inventory is serviced on return by our trained technicians, tested and made ready for hire – ensuring reliability and negligible breakdowns on site.

Phone us on 01698 28 20 42
or email workshop@frasertoolhire.co.uk

Health & Safety

Michael Lydon

Health and Safety is a No.1 priority for us, and we believe that working closely and creating partnerships with our customers is the best way to ensure everyone’s health & safety. If you have any issues, just ask and we’ll happily advise.

Phone us on 01698 28 20 42
or email michael@frasertoolhire.co.uk


Avril Carmichael

The accounts department may be back office but is very committed to front line service for all of our customers. If account facilities would be of interest to regular hirers please contact our head office by email or phone.

Phone us on 01698 28 20 42
or email accounts@frasertoolhire.co.uk